Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jesus...Jesus, Jesus. JESUS. JESUS! Who is this guy Jesus? He is The Messiah. The One who came to earth as a man, God in the flesh. He showed the world what God looks like; loving and just. He wrote the book (bible) through people and then lived it out in person on earth. He is the purest reflection of God’s character the world has ever seen. He is grace, mercy and forgiveness. But He’s so much than that and those are really important. He loves unconditionally and gives endlessly. He is more generous than anyone deserves and it gives Him joy to do so. He delights in His creation, people, above all else. He came to demonstrate sacrificial love with nothing in return but pain and ultimately return those willing to be redeemed, back to Himself Forever. That cost Him everything and you were worth it. You are worth it. He is the author of my story. He created me, chose me and called me with a unique purpose. There is no one else just like me and never will be again. He makes only originals, but billions. He loves each person as if they are the only human on the planet, the object of His affection. He loves deeper and more unconditionally than the mind can comprehend. Without revelation, I cannot grasp it. He is the King of Kings and Lord of all Lords. He came to heal and restore the whole person, not just parts. He softens hearts, restores relationships, helps us forgive the unforgivable and love the unlovely. He calms the storm and washes away guilt and shame. He offers comfort for condemnation. He is the One who touched my heart, saved my soul and leads me on the wonderful faith-filled adventure I call life. With Him I have peace and security. Apart from Him I was self destructive in my attempts as happiness and love. He made me clean, in every sense of the word. He gave me a passion for purity in the midst of renewing my mind, heart and body. He is my Hope, Joy and Provider. He is the love in my heart for people. He’s shown me that less is more, I’m strongest (in Him) when I’m weak. I gave up Everything and He gave me more. Without Jesus in my heart, my love for others is conditional. I’m selfish by nature, out to see what I can get for myself, even at the cost of hurting others. My sin nature is destructive and overwhelming but through Jesus I am the master of my flesh. I put to death the misdeeds of the flesh and choose to make sound judgments rather than being emotion-led. I thank Jesus for the new start He gives me afresh each day, Hallelujah! ~Natasha Zirbel (inspired by the Holy Spirit!)

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